Album Cover by Leonardo Falascone

Piranha was born in spring 2017 in Milan. Expandable group, whose dimensions have varied from duo to quartet, and which equally deals with more or less expanded music, offering original compositions – written by each musician – and collective improvisations. Since 2019, the prevailing line-up is the trio.
The music shows a multifaceted yet balanced sound through a blend of jazz, chamber music, contemporary classical music and post minimalism. In fact, the group draws inspiration from composers such as Morton Feldman, Terry Riley, Steve Reich. Federico Calcagno’s clarinets blend well with both Filippo Rinaldo’s piano and the vibraphone, the second instrument played by drummer and percussionist Stefano Grasso. There is also a touch of electroacoustic structures with the use of octratack.
<<Piranhas are particularly annoying to sport and commercial fishing as they steal bait, maim fish, damage nets and other tools, and may bite when handled>>. From a musical and creative point of view, the safety of listeners and performers can absolutely be guaranteed, but it is also recommended to be careful and not to let your guard down too much!
Piranha played in Parma Jazz Frontiere Festival 2020 and Aquila Jazz Festival 2021.

Federico Calcagno – Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Filippo Rinaldo – Piano, Octatrack
Stefano Grasso – Drums, Vibraphone

Urlo d’Ebano


First solo album by clarinetist and composer Federico Calcagno, “Urlo d’Ebano” features seven original compositions orchestrated for clarinet septet -except for the suite “Seven Virtues of Bushido” for solo instrument- formed by four clarinets and three bass clarinets, all played by Federico Calcagno. 
Recorded during the Coronavirus second wave, this work represents a cross-section of this specific historical period, denouncing how the cultural-performative sector has not been given as much attention as it was instead ensured to the main economic industries and to religious, political and sports activities in our society. 
This musical adventure is in fact a creative response to a specific time in which live performances are denied to audience and music makers. 

Liquid Identities

“Forms of modern life may differ in quite a few respects – but what unites them all is precisely their fragility, temporariness, vulnerability and inclination to constant change.”

Liquid Modernity, Zygmunt Bauman

 Liquid Identities is the Amsterdam based quintet led by Italian clarinetist and composer Federico Calcagno, defined as “The new bishop of the best Italian and European Jazz [A. Bazzurro, All About Jazz]. 
The band, winner of the 2nd prize in the Keep an Eye International Jazz Award 2019, released its debut album of the same name on June 2020, featuring a repertoire of original songs inspired by different influences: improvised music, classical-contemporary chamber music, South Indian Carnatic music and contemporary jazz. 
Different worlds that not only stay together quite well but also low the borders between them and become parts of a vaster identity. 
Following the flow of these liquid Escherian staircases will bring you some fertile and joyous illusions. 

Federico Calcagno – Clarinets
José Soares – Alto sax
Adrian Moncada – Piano
Pau Sola – Cello
Nick Thessalonikefs – Drums


Liquid Identities Expanded Version: LIQUID WAR

Federico Calcagno & The Dolphians


Clarinetist-composer Federico Calcagno emphasizes the importance of multi -instrumentalist Eric Dolphy’s music and influence through the sextet “The Dolphians”. The project released the first album From Another Planet [Emme Label] – which has been catalogued in the list of the best 100 albums of 2019 by JAZZIT Italian magazine. This work shows a great collective interaction and enthusiasm; it declares love to the Blue Note sounds from the ‘60s, re-elaborating the masterpiece Out to Lunch and giving a contemporary rebirth to Eric Dolphy’s less known composition Jim Crow through a suite in five movements. Moreover, From Another Planet is characterized by the alternation and mixture of original compositions with Dolphy’s sparkling arrangements.

Federico Calcagno – Bass/Soprano Clarinet
Gianluca Zanello – Alto Sax
Luca Ceribelli – Tenor/Soprano Sax
Andrea Mellace – Vibraphone
Stefano Zambon – Double Bass
Stefano Grasso – Drums

Fade In Trio

Fade In Trio’s EP “Introspection”, released with Unite Jazz Records on November 2nd 2020, marks the band’s discographic debut. The group is formed by Federico Calcagno (bass clarinet, clarinet), Marco Luparia (Drums, percussion) and Pietro Elia Barcellona (doublebass). 
Even if this instrumentation might seem rather traditional, Fade In Trio thrives to create a new musical language within the context of the trio. Radical improvisations are combined with at times predetermined structures and melodies exploring the boundaries between composition and improvisation. 
The music on this EP represents the musicians’ very diverse influences ranging from the complex rhythms of Carnatic music, extended techniques developed in contemporary classical music and a times dodecaphonic melodic approach. The influence of Afroamerican Music is particularly underlined by the third track, Introspection, one of the Fade In favorite songs of Thelonious Monk . 
The trio has been active both in the Netherlands and Italy since 2018 preforming in numerous venous and festivals such as Umbria Jazz Festival and Fara Music Festival. It is among the winners of the René Arons International Improvisation Competition held in Antwerp in February 2019. 

Federico Calcagno – Clarinets
Pietro Elia Barcellona – Double Bass
Marco Luparia – Drums

Stab Freeze Collective

Stab Freeze Collective was born in 2018. It features international musicians who come from different background (jazz, classical, contemporary).
The director and architect of this project -Federico Calcagno – tries to find and develop common elements of Conduction and Soundpainting, demonstrating how a limited dictionary of gestures can be applied on a small orchestra with success.


The bass clarinet is not a very popolar instrument.
Do you want to hear some crazy possibilities on sounds and extend techniques?
“Solo” investigates the beauty of this particular instrument with instant compositions.