Other Projects

AMOK – Amsterdam Modern Orkest

An orchestra specialized at the intersection of modern classical, jazz and electronic music.
Led by composer and conductor Tijn Wybenga.


Finalist at the Maastricht jazz Awards 2019, Archipélagos is a jazz progressive band led by Italian drummer Francesca Remigi. Modern jazz, contemporary classical music, progressive-rock music, Indian carnatic music, electronic music and free jazz characterize the unique aesthetic of this international quartet, meeting point of different cultures and musical heritages. 

Aviv Noam 4et

“Aviv Noam Quartet” is a young and original project that is devoted to a rather rare variety of Jazz influences. From the “Jazz Giants” of the 50’s/60’s and until today’s “Modern Jazz” and “Avant-garde Jazz”, the “Incentive Price” winner of the “Keep an Eye” competition 2019 are mixing up styles and creating their own original music. You can expect to Feel the Swing, Experience lots of crazy-good Energy, Hear sentimental melodies and Witness a full musical set filled with various different soundscapes.

Noneto Desconcertante

This beautiful nonet was created in October 2016, led by Brazilian double bassist Pedro Ivo Ferreira, with the goal of writing music inspired by avant-garde Brazilian composers and contemporary classical music.
Their repertoire is full of surprises as well as tasteful arrangements in tribute to Brazilian composers, such as Guinga, Villa Lobos and Claudio Santoro.”

Texture Collective

What is Musical Texture?
Musical texture is, first of all, an experience: like in touch and vision, also in music, we sense textures. 
For us, it is the experience of stationarity, the domain of sameness in music. Where there is no narrative and attention wanders around like in a dream; where time is obsolete and music flows endlessly – that’s where the magic of musical texture kicks in…


Past Projects


A unique clarinet quartet specialized in klezmer and original contemporary music!


Tri(o)ttico is a Milan based jazz trio. The main idea of the project is to combine the different timbres and characteristics of the three instruments in an acoustic, chamber music-like context. Tri(o)ttico is the winner of the Prize of the Conservatory of Milan 2017 and finalist in Stefano Cerri and Sergio Dragoni competitions.